guest room

Create the Perfect Guest Room

The holidays are here and your guests are on the way. Time to refresh your guest room! Make your guest feel at home this holiday season by creating a warm and relaxing guest room.

To create a great home away from home, start with a mattress that has a medium firmness, which will provide ample comfort and support for all of your visitors. Durable, high quality sheets will ensure your guests sleep comfortably, and a mattress protector will guarantee a clean mattress for future visitors. An added basket with toiletries and snacks will make your guest feel like they are at home. Roll over the photo for additional tips to help create a welcoming holiday guest room.

Tip: Depending on the size of your guest room, a full bed may fit better than a queen. You don’t want your guests having to crawl out of the bed. Measure your room and find the best mattress fit.