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Rated 4.9/5 based on 44 customer reviews

Helpful, friendly, low-pressure service w/a smile! 5 Stars

Both my husband and I are problem sleepers, so we were beyond delighted to find and purchase our incredible pillow-top TempurPedic from Sleep Train. The salesperson treated us like family; he was relaxed and funny and made time for all his customers, almost as though he was a host and they were guests at his home. We keep finding excuses to go back: they do have the most perfect, deep-pocket fitted sheets, better-fitting than any we've found anywhere, so that's been a great reason!

Delivery: Our four-poster bed was slightly the wrong size to accommodate our new mattress. Our Sleep Train delivery team treated this like a FUN CHALLENGE rather than any kind of annoyance! They had everything perfect and sleep-ready in no time.


Informative but to the point! 5 Stars

I was really excited to get all of the information I needed and tested out the right mattresses for my needs, but in an expedited manner. I hate shopping especially for extensive period of time where I'm bombarded with a lot of information. The rep at Sleep Train was very helpful but kept up with my shopping pace. It was very much appreciated.

Delivery: The gentleman were professional, clean and friendly. They also made sure I understood the products they delivered.

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"Great people, Great service"

~ Kimo KSON 97.3

Temper-Pedic Purchase 5 Stars

The sales associate knew so much about each product. He was a mattress savant

best mattress experience I ever had. Got to take my time didn't feel rushed


Great people, Great service 5 Stars

I found I was going to have company staying over for a few days and the sales people were really great to work with. I was looking for something I could use as a bed for my guests but when they left I didn't want to have to put in my already overcrowded garage. What we found was perfect It's a bed that converts into small couch.


We use them! So should you. 5 Stars

We both have Temper-Pedics from Sleep Train! Most people think we have just one that we share, but that's not true. We each have one in our homes and WE LOVE THEM! Each morning, it's difficult to pull ourselves out of our nice, warm, amazingly comfy beds at 3AM to go to work....but of course, we know we'll be ending our long day right back in our Temper-Pedics from Sleep Train!! It's the Circle of Life.


Won't shop anywhere else!!! 5 Stars

Ever since my first experience with purchasing a bed from, now, Sleep Train it's the only place I go! The team knew all about the beds, how they where made and the perfect one for my husband and I. We spent at least an hour in the store and tried every mattress and kept going back to the one John recommended for us. The service was the best I had ever encountered in my years of buying mattresses. We had it the next day and the crew came in set it up and took or old one away. That was 12 years ago and we've purchased beds for every guestroom and ordered two for my parents and had them shipped straight to their home. It's about time for a new one and I cant even begin to think about going anywhere else!


This is where you should get your bed! 5 Stars

We had excellent help and great service but discovered that the style of Tempur-pedic we got was just a little too firm so we took advantage of the 120 day Love Your Mattress guarantee and went with a Tempur-pedic Cloud and couldn't be happier! I thought for sure there would be some hassle with making a change but...nope! wasn't a problem at all! The Tempur-pedic has been a lifesaver when it comes to my back but the real secret weapon is the Tempur-pedic pillow! Get one!


Rest, even for the wicked. 5 Stars

I selected a bed as part of a radio promotion and now I'll never buy a bed anywhere else. The staff was extremely helpful and knew how to direct me to the ideal bed for my particular needs. I have back pain and sleep on my belly so they recommended a somewhat firm Stearns and Foster that's perfect. My bed is beyond cozy! Also, the movable base allows easy sitting up for watching t.v. or reading myself to sleep.

Delivery: Two very professional delivery people had my new bed set up perfectly and my old bed out remarkably fast. They didn't even mention how messy my house was.


Great Store and Employees 5 Stars

Great store and location. Employees knew their stuff and had a great sense of humor. Huge selection and we got the perfect mattress. Third time I have shopped here


So happy I went to Sleep Train! 5 Stars

It's been since around Christmas since we got our bed and we couldn't be happier. We came in late on a Tuesday night close to when they were closing and the salesman was friendly helpful and really knowledgeable. We laid on all the different beds try the movable bases and we're happy with the selection we made. I never thought I'd like a movable base I thought it would feel like a hospital bed or something but I'm glad I got one. Makes me want to move my home office into a home bedroom office so I can work from bed.

Delivery: The delivery guys showed up right on time. Which is really important for my busy schedule. They were fast friendly and got their job done right.


Love our Tempurpedic and movable base! 5 Stars

We walked into the store with really no idea of what kind of a mattress we wanted. The only we were looking for was something comfortable that we both could agree on. The sales person was so patient and answered all of our questions and concerns. When he directed us to the Tempurpedic and we laid down on it we both knew "this was it"! Then he showed us the moveable base...mind blown! Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, the sales person busts out with "delivery by tonight!" Every night we climb into our bed we can't believe how comfortable it is and what a great night sleep we get! Don't waste another minute of tossing and turning at night. Just do it...get into Sleep Train!

Delivery: Fast and easy...and they took the old one!


Knowledgeable Staff! 5 Stars

The vast selection of mattress brands and features could have been intimidating, but the sales person was so well-informed about the products that she made it a very pleasant experience for us. Most of all, she gave us the time we needed to make the perfect choice.

Delivery: The delivery people were very courteous and considerate of keeping our house clean.


Amazing Costumer Service! 5 Stars

Getting my mattress was pretty stress free. They helped me find the mattress that was perfect for ME...not for the sales person. They could of tried selling me the most expensive bed in the store, but he didn't. He asked questions and seemed to really care. Great place!

Delivery: It was they put on plastic covers on the shoes so the house wouldn't get dirty!


Good Listener! 5 Stars

When looking to replace our mattress, we were very pleased to discover it was not like previous mattress purchases. You know what I wander around the store and try as many mattresses that fit in your price range, or sometimes you just start with the cheapest. Instead, we had a sales rep who was really good at asking questions about how we slept, what positions, what was good about our present mattress and what was not. lots of questions...but most importantly we really felt he listened. We tried several different mattresses. He encouraged us to take our time because it was an important decision and we would be sleeping on our mattress for several years. We actually learned from the experience. It's the kind of quality service and patience that you don't always see.

Delivery: Careful and efficient.


Awesome customer service! 5 Stars

From picking out our bed and adjustable base, to delivery and setup, the service was PHENOMENAL! Very professional in store service, delivery was timely, set-up was quick and the delivery men even cleaned up after themselves. Such an amazing experience!

Delivery: Best experience I've ever had... I've also purchased from SleepTrain in Bend, OR. And had great experience there also.


Dan Mitchinson Sleep Train Experience 5 Stars

So, I moved to Sacramento a year ago this month. And before I even started looking for my house, I started looking at beds. I ended up in the Sleep Train store in West Sacramento, and met a few of the employees who showed me around and answered a few questions, then left me alone to try out the beds. Now, what you have to understand is, it takes me awhile to make up my mind. I ended up going back, maybe, two dozen times before I decided on the bed. I almost felt guilty for going in so often, but nobody ever rolled their eyes, or didn't make me feel welcome. In fact, they got to know me by my first name. In the end, I found the bed I liked, had my fiancee try it out at a store in San Diego (she's moving up here later this year) and we both agreed this was the bed for us. The cool part of this story is, that bed was the first piece of furniture the two of us chose together...and I think I'll remember that more than anything about my Sleep Train experience. Thanks to the staff, and Dale Carlson, for the wonderful service, great deals, and most importantly, the great people who are part of the Sleep Train family. Sleep Train is....oh, wait, you know the rest (your ticket to a better nights sleep).

Delivery: Hey, they really do bring out a red carpet when they deliver you bed!


No pressure and great service 5 Stars

I hadn't bought a bed in ten years. When I went to the Northgate store I was afraid of the "hustle" you get at a lot of other mattress stores. Boy was I surprised. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and let me lay down on every bed. I went with the Stearns and Foster. I loved the fact that it was made in America, the pillow top was SO comfortable, and I actually ended buying the bed frame it was sitting on. It was perfect for me because my house has limited storage and this frame came with six drawers underneath. AND THEY DELIVERED THE VERY NEXT DAY. I LOVE SLEEPTRAIN!

Delivery: ON time, they wore shoe booty's, and they carted off my old mattress!


Pacey @ V101 5 Stars

The entire staff was so amazing, and got me the best mattress to fit exactly how I love to sleep.

Delivery: It was amazing


If you mean sleeping, then yes, I'm great in bed. 5 Stars

I wake up early...I live life very full....When I lie down I'm here to sleep...I had no idea how bad I slept till I met my new best friend from Sleep train named tempurpedic.......

Delivery: They couldn't have been nicer....


Helpful Service 5 Stars

Yes the beds are wonderful, the options are endless and the price is competitive and fair. They also carry a ton of options for sleep essentials, sheets, pillows etc. We actually purchased our bed at the San Bruno store, and it was a great experience, and we also purchased pillows and a sheet set! We didn't realize that the Colma store was a little closer, so we went there during the Holidays to purchase gifts for friends. We loved our pillows so much we got them for friends for the holidays. The staff at both stores were easy to work with, informative and it was a fun, easy experience!

Delivery: It was easy, seriously they were set up and the old mattress out in less than an hour! It was awesome!


Giant Sleep!! 5 Stars

It's been a few years since I bought my bed and it still feels like it's new!! I love my King Size Tempur Pedic bed!!


Great Experience! 5 Stars

Got our new bed here and love it! Mikael (SP) was awesome and helped us out!!

Delivery: The guys who delivered it were great!



I love SLEEP TRAIN. The first bed I bought was for my father. Recently I got one for my wife and I. Staff is amazing! Always HUGE sales prices and gauraunteed lowest price. Delivery is perfection! THANK YOU ST -choo choo!

Delivery: Everyone is super nice! Super professional!


AJ in the Morning on Y101 said it! 5 Stars

I like knowing what to expect about everything. I don't like finding out later, that I should've asked a certain question-if only I had known, or that I should have gone in a whole other direction... (those sorts of things typically happen in my world) and it is because things of that nature are so common that I, honestly, LOVE Sleep Train! The service I had and the bed that I got were and are extraordinary. I feel 100% confident in bed that I chose and that is why I sing their praises everywhere.


A fantastic experience 5 Stars

I've had my mattress for a few years now and love my mattress and how easy it was to shop for my mattress with the friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Delivery: Friendly and fast delivery people. Took away my old set and put in my new mattress with ease.


Chad Doing - 95.7 The Game 5 Stars

When I visited the Sleep Train Location in Emeryville, I knew I wanted an adjustable base, but I had no idea how firm my mattress should be. The staff explained all the different types of options and had me lie down to get a feel for what I wanted. By the time I walked out the door, I was confident that I made the right choice. One of the best shopping experiences of my life.

Delivery: Quick and efficient. They arrived early, and were in and out in a matter of minutes. It was a stress-free experience.


Changed My Life! 5 Stars

Reggie did an AMAZING job showing me how a 10 degree lift for my head on a movable base would do WONDERS for my sleep. I couldn't agree more. While I STILL don't admit to snoring, okay... I admit it... I USED to snore. Not anymore now that my head is in the right spot. The gentle lift of the legs is heaven. It really makes my lower back feel weightless. My Tempurpedic Cloud Elite with Tempur-Ergo base is a miracle match for me. Many thanks to Reggie and to Sleep Train. (singing "your ticket to a better night's sleep" in my head right now)

Delivery: Wearing protective booties in MY house... TOTALLY not necessary. But a VERY nice touch. My stairs are not fun. GREAT job guys!


Doug Helped Me Find My Perfect Mattress! 5 Stars

I didn't know what I was missing until I laid in my Tempur-pedic mattress! I've always had cheap mattresses and thought that was the norm, until one day I couldn't handle the restless nights anymore. So, I went into Sleep Train Mission Valley, and I had no idea where to start. Doug helped me out and asked me what kind of sleeper am I? I always fall asleep on my side, so he took me to several different mattresses. I laid in each one until I found my perfect one, which was a Tempur-Pedic. I literally laid down and almost fell asleep right in the store!! I also use my computer and watch TV a lot in bed, so he recommended that I get a movable base, which I did and I absolutely love. It's been fantastic!! After my mattress got delivered, I received a little note in the mail from Doug, saying "Thank you" and "Hope you enjoy your mattress." I already had a great experience getting a new mattress at Sleep Train, but the hand written note put it over the top!

The entire staff was so nice and extremely knowledgeable. I didn't feel pressured into buying something that I didn't want. They even helped my pick out a pillow for side sleepers.



My tempurpedic and moveable base has been a game changer for me. I used to think I suffered from insomnia and would wake up with back problems. Little did I know it was my mattress that was making my nights miserable. Nicco made the experience easy and helpful and got us into a bed my wife and I could agree on. It has been restful nights and amazing mornings ever since. I love my new bed!

Delivery: Amazing and efficient team made the delivery stress free and easy. They showed up when they said they would and I slept better in my comfy bed that night


Yes. Yes. Yes!!! 5 Stars

Who knew that mattress shopping involved so many decisions. Quincy and his team we're well-versed in mattress facts! I love the fact that I could track my delivery driver online on the day of my delivery. ☺awesome setup and I even got a brand new pillow. I would totally recommend Sleep Train to someone who wants to sleep better ASAP

Delivery: The guys who delivered my mattress were amazing. One of the delivery drivers actually got stuck in my elevator for about 20 minutes and he still had a positive attitude and once he was rescued set up my mattress and my movable base with no issues at all. Two thumbs up


I love my SleepTrain mattress 5 Stars

Switching to a high quality sleep train matters has improved my sleep life. I wake up well rested and have a more productive life because of it.


A Wonderful Experience 5 Stars

really had no idea how uncomfortable my mattress was, until I experienced the amazing beds at Sleep Train! The staff was incredibly patient with me and allowed me to try every mattress in the store. I was also very impressed with just how knowledgeable the staff was and I trusted that their recommendations allowed me to find the perfect mattress for me. I absolutely LOVE my new mattress! I will definitely be a customer for life.

Delivery: Amazing and efficient team made the delivery stress free and easy. They showed up when they said they would and I slept better in my comfy bed that night


Excellent Service, Excellent Beds 5 Stars

Since I moved back to Portland in 2005, I've purchased 3 beds from Sleep Train. I asked my mom where to shop and she said, Sleep Train! Mom was right. The service was excellent all three times. No pushy sales people, just knowledgeable sales people that guided me in the right direction and helped me pick out mattresses that fit my specific needs. I have a Tempur-Pedic with a moveable base for me, a Beauty Rest, and Posturepedic as my guest beds. Plus, I purchased my sheets and pillows from Sleep Train because of the quality, and I've given their pillows as gifts as well.

Delivery: Because of the steep, tight-curved driveway to my house, their truck couldn't get up to my house. So, the guys parked at the bottom of the hill, carried the mattress and box spring up the hill, up 29 stairs to my house, and without a complaint. Then they carried my old mattress and wrappings from the new one, down the hill after they set up the new bed. Excellent, beyond the call of duty, service!


Best selection anywhere! 5 Stars

The knowledge of the staff is amazing! My wife and I got exactly what we wanted with the pillows and sheets that are perfect.

Delivery: Right on schedule! No problems.


Lived Up to All the Hype 5 Stars

My tempurpedic and moveable base has been a game changer for me. I used to think I suffered from insomnia and would wake up with back problems. Little did I know it was my mattress that was making my nights miserable. Nicco made the experience easy and helpful and got us into a bed my wife and I could agree on. It has been restful nights and amazing mornings ever since. I love my new bed!

Delivery: Amazing and efficient team made the delivery stress free and easy. They showed up when they said they would and I slept better in my comfy bed that night


Amazing 5 Stars

wonderful buying experience, generous amounts of dialogue and time offered to me while i chose, continuing wonderful service


WOW!!!! 5 Stars

We were given a thorough explanation of all the diff. types of beds we had to choose from & the staff was generally interested in making sure we got exactly what we were looking for.

Delivery: Not only did they help set up our new bed, but they helped us rearrange our bedroom furniture & remove our old bed!!!!


It WAS our ticket to a better night's sleep! 5 Stars

We have been customers of Sleep Train for over 25 years. We have never had a bad experience choosing our mattress and accessories. We even purchased a Tempur Pedic and had to exchange it after 30 days. The folks at the Sleep Train made the exchange very easy. The best (ironic) part? We ended up getting another, larger, Tempur Pedic! We have even bought mattresses for other family members and have told countless friends about the Sleep Train and everything they have to offer!

Delivery: They were in and out of the house in under 30 minutes. They set up the new bed, took the old bed, and made sure they removed all the boxing material.


They really know sleep! 5 Stars

The Sleep Train sales associates in Westwood Village spent just the right amount of time educating us on the different mattress options, making recommendations and then giving us space to make our own decision. It makes so much sense to buy a bed here, from specialists, rather than from a big box store.


Amazing! 5 Stars

Fantastic service! They made it easy to get the perfect bed. They were patient and very helpful.


Don't You Guys Like Profit? 5 Stars

It's as if making money doesn't even matter to these guys. My wife & I were wishy washy between one of the more expensive models in the store and a much more cost-accessible. We were starting to lean toward the more-expensive model because we knew that we didn't want to have to replace it in a couple years, even though we preferred the more affordable one. However, Jeremy straight up talked us out of it. He assured us that the model we preferred was going to hold up to the rigors of even the most active sleeper, and we should absolutely go with the one we were most comfortable with. And now 4 years later, the mattress is still just as comfortable as ever. They had every chance to upsell us, and actively avoided it, because they wanted us to love our mattress. There's no doubt that I'd recommend this place to friends and family.

Delivery: I wasn't even home when the mattress got delivered, so I had the pleasure of walking into find my wife sleeping peacefully. Of course, this was before we had kids. =)


Sleep Train is The Best! 5 Stars

My wife and I selected a Tempur-pedic Breeze mattress after consulting with the sleep expert and trying out many different kinds of mattresses. She was very patient, answered all our questions, knew the brands inside and out and helped us pick out the mattress that was going to work best for us.

Delivery: We got the movable base with the mattress so it required setup and the delivery team was great! Called before they showed up to make sure we were home, very courteous, professional, and got us all set, and we've been enjoying our new bed ever since!


Fantastic service! Fantastic bed! 5 Stars

I visited my local Sleep Train (Pleasant Hill) and bought a new bed over a month ago and it was the best decision I've made in a long time! The moveable base is amazing and the bed is so comfortable. Being able to raise my legs up a bit in the bed with the moveable base has helped my bad back and I feel so much better in the morning now than I used to! The customer service was unbelievably great too! Kenya was my rep and he was so knowledgeable and patient! Finally the guys that delivered my bed were so nice and polite and courteous. Another great Sleep Train experience!

Delivery: Delivery was great! They called ahead, showed up when they said they would and even took an extra bed frame that I had no need for (shhhh!) when they left. Very nice guys!


Amazing 5 Stars

I am a radio Dj. I had the opportunity to endorse Sleeptrain and get an amazing new bed for me and my lady. A brand new King size Tempur-pedic was delivered promptly and set up in no time AT ALL! From the very first night, I have been sleeping better (KEEP IN MIND I HAVE A 2 YEAR OLD), and waking up refreshed! Many thanks to the awesome staff at Sleeptrain off of Rossanley in Medford! Now, if i could figure out how to get more than 10% of the king bed to actually sleep on.....that 2 year old takes up an alarming amount of space.....;)