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Warranty Information & Processing — Serving as Your Advocate

All product warranties are provided by the manufacturer and are subject to the manufacturer's guidelines.

One of the most valued services we provide at MFRM Family of Brands is to support the manufacturer's warranty that comes with your product. Our customer service team is well trained to assist with all of your manufacturer warranty questions. If at any time during the warranty life of your product, you have a warranty-related issue, we will serve as your advocate and intermediary in the warranty process.

Outlet, Clearance, Floor models, or anything deemed "As-Is" does NOT have a manufacturer's warranty.


To ensure that your claim is handled quickly and effectively, please follow the steps below:


1. Read about your Warranty

To find out if your issue is covered under the manufacturer's warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's warranty card provided with your product or click or call below to view the specific warranties from each of our vendors:

  • Atmos - website
  • Cannon - PDF
  • Classic Brands - N/A
  • Comfortaire - website - For all issues with Comfortaire, contact the manufacturer directly at 800-759-0594
  • Corsicana - PDF
  • Dreamfit - N/A
  • Dormia - PDF
  • Eclipse - N/A
  • Hampton and Rodes - PDF (same as Corsicana)
  • IBC - PDF
  • King Koil - PDF
  • Kingsdown - PDF
  • Lady Americana - website
  • Laura Ashley - N/A
  • Leggett and Platt - PDF - Please call 800-876-2641 as they can assist you with any warranty claim you may have on your product.
  • Nature's Sleep - website
  • Pacific Coast Feather - DOC
  • Protect-A-Bed - Please call 866-886-2788 as they can assist you with any warranty claim you may have on your product.
  • Sealy - PDF
  • Seahawk - JPG
  • Serta - PDF
  • Simmons (World Class, Classic and Beautyrest) - PDF
  • Simmons ComforPedic - PDF
  • Sleep Designs - N/A
  • Sleep to Live (Kingsdown) - Please call 800-354-5464 as they can assist you with any warranty claim you may have on your product.
  • Sleep Number (Select Comfort) - website - Please call 800-318-2231 as they can assist you with any warranty claim you may have on your product.
  • Sterns and Foster - PDF
  • Suresleep - PDF
  • Tempur-Pedic - Please call 800-821-6621 as they can assist you with any warranty claim you may have on your product. - warranty@tempurpedic.com

2. Check for Stains

Note: If your mattress is stained, this will most likely invalidate your warranty with the manufacturer. If you have a stain on your mattress and you purchased fabric protection or a mattress protector from Sleep Train, please refer to the contacts below to follow the process to handle the claim through the fabric protection manufacturer directly:

3. Review Frequently Asked Questions about manufacturers warranty.

4. Warranty Form

Once you have reviewed the warranty policy for the product in question, if you believe that your issue is covered under the warranty, please be sure to fill out all the information and provide as many specifics as possible so we can effectively and efficiently handle your potential warranty issue.

Now that you have reviewed the manufactures warranty card and believe that your product may have a manufacture defect please follow the instructions to file your manufacture claim.

Quick Start Guide for Warranty Process

Q1: Do you have a copy of your receipt?

A copy of the original sales receipt must be submitted with Warranty Service Claim Form. (Without proof of purchase your warranty will not be processed). The customer is responsible to provide receipt.

Q2: Is your product free of stains?

Stains void the warranty based on the manufacturer warranty card of your product.

Q3: Does your Mattress have proper support?

Improper frame support will void your warranty. A flat and solid foundation is required. Metal or wood frame support must have 1 center leg for a Queen and 2 center legs for a King.

If you answered yes to the questions above, please proceed with the warranty process.

Warranty Process Overview – Please read the following important information

  • The warranty only covers the product; it does not include transportation and/or inspection fees associated with your warranty claim.
  • A $50 inspector transportation fee applies, prior to an in home inspection, as well as a local delivery fee if the warranty is approved. If an in home inspection determines that the product is defective, we will reduce your delivery fee by $50. Delivery Fees start at $79.
  • An independent 3rd party inspection company approved by the manufacturer will perform the in home warranty inspection of your mattress/foundation. The procedure used by the inspection company is the finite way, approved by the manufactures, to inspect your sleep set.  The inspection company will contact you to set up an appointment to inspect the product in your home.  The inspector’s responsibility is to gather information and they will not make any decisions. 
    • If your product is found to be defective under the manufacturer warranty, an approval email or letter including instructions on how to complete your exchange process will be sent out.
    • If your product is not found to be defective under the manufacturer's warranty, a denial email or letter including the reason for the decision will be sent out.
  • Body indentations are normal and not a manufacturer defect unless the indentation is 1 ½” or greater unless otherwise noted on the manufacturer's warranty card. The comfort of your mattress is not covered in the manufacturer warranty.

For warranty questions, please contact us at 866-942-3551 (Hours: M–F 7AM – 8PM & S-S 8:30 AM – 7 PM CST) or customerservice@sleeptrain.com.


Warranty Form


Customer Information

Mattress Information

Include a picture highlighting the manufactures defect.

example of the proper way to measure a mattress

If you have a Queen, CK, or EK mattress set: Please verify that you have a rigid center support. This center support will run either head to foot, or side to side. It must have a center support leg that touches the floor. If you have hardwood slats, in addition to a rigid center support, there must be at least 5 slats measuring 1" x 4" made of hardwood (oak, ash, etc.)

example of bed frame support


All manufacturers reserve the right to refuse warranty service when a product is found to be soiled, stained, or in any other way damaged. The size and composition of the stain is irrelevant in this issue.


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